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Selecting a Program

Think about the questions below and use them as a guide in selecting a program:

Why do you want to study abroad?
This by far is the most important question you can ask yourself. Going overseas because your friends are should not be the only reason. Consider what you will learn from your experience abroad and how you can incorporate these skills into your career goals.

What are the important factors regarding my study abroad experience?
Some factors to consider during the selection process are cost, location, courses offered, cross-cultural experiences available, and whether or not proficiency in a foreign language is required.

Where do I want to study abroad?
As you investigate the number of options, consider location. What country do you want to spend a significant amount of time in? Do you want an urban or rural setting? Seventy-five percent of American students study in Europe, but the same percentage of the world's population live in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. You might want to consider studying in a non-traditional destination (outside Western Europe and Australia) to see greater cultural contrasts.

What length of time do you want to study overseas?
Programs available to Ashland University students last anywhere from one week to an entire academic year.

How much cultural immersion do I want?
You can be completely immersed in a culture if you participate in the AU in Costa Rica program, or you can participate in a program designed specifically for American students like the CCIS program in Nice, France.

Do I want to learn a foreign language, refine my language skills, or do I want to study in an English-speaking country?

Where would I want to live?
Depending upon the program selected, you could live in a residence hall with other native students, an apartment off-campus, or stay with a local family.

When during my college experience do I want to study abroad?
The best time to study abroad is during your sophomore or junior year. Seniors may study abroad during their last year; however, you must receive prior approval to do so.

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